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It seems that there are more than enough web sites in this world, and more than that there are lots of professionals that are ready to live up to the task of web site management. New companies everyday are starting up in America and with each in their own way have a need for a web site.

Here is your opportunity to become a part of the team that creates and recreates the world wide web. We at Blueshipdigital have a goal in mind. Train and promote as many web masters as there are businesses here in this country (USA). What we have discovered in the world of hard to learn programs, and IT information that is not only confusing but expensive to obtain, high costs of going to community collages or Universities are staggering let alone time consuming course structure.

In this world that we live there are only two things we sorely protect, it would be our families and our monies. Everybody is the same and it has been imbedded into us since we were little. Honor our elders, protect our children. The bottom line is this, if you don't have a secure family you will have problems throughout life. As well, if you don't have any money you are also either having problems or causing problems. If you have the gumption. If you are ready for a little stability in life, our training program is what you need. Give yourself into what we call in the industries un-expendable. "Make a man a web page, he has a web page!. Teach him to make a web page he'll have millions".

If your would like to sign up for training, call us at 801-792-2768

Train one or train your entire crew. here is the type of training we offer

Thanks for your time
David McCullough
Web Master



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